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Twitter has launched a new feature to humanise direct messages and help you improve customer service.

Twitter has launched a new feature called ‘custom profiles’ aimed at giving direct messages the personal touch.

Customers love Twitter for interacting with large organisations. The public nature of the platform means users often get an almost instantaneous answer to their enquiry without the need to wait on hold to a call centre.

After an initial tweet, organisations will often invite customers and enquirers to communicate via direct messages (or DMs) on the social media platform.

This method of communicating via DMs is already a great way to offer personal customer service right where your customers want it. But the new custom profiles feature takes it one step further, providing first class customer service for your audience.

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Embed DMs for customer service

The custom profiles do exactly what their name suggests. Instead of seeing a corporate or faceless Twitter picture when chatting in direct messages, users see an individual profile complete with picture and name. The aim is to personalise and humanise the customer service experience, a bit like the digital version of a name tag and a smiling face behind the counter of a shop.

How do I get it?

Any business or organisation can qualify for the new custom profile feature so long as you have a verified Twitter handle (a blue tick to show your organisation is authentic). Both bots and humans can be behind the custom profile and there’s no limit to how many you can have.

Simply fill out this form to apply, wait for Twitter to approve you, and you are all ready to go.


Main image credit: Birds by Phil Fiddyment (CC BY 2.0)