Ashley Smith-Hammond

Google for Nonprofits can be a powerful platform for Scottish cultural organisations - and did we mention you can get access to it for free?

Save thousands on online advertising with google for nonprofits

For most of us, it’s difficult to imagine the internet without Google. It has become a byword for finding what you need online.

They’ve also got tools to support nonprofit cultural organisations. Google for Nonprofits was set up expressly to give charitable groups free access to Google’s premium services. In practice, that means a similar suite of tools to the one Google offers businesses, with some added extras for nonprofits.

What’s on offer?

In terms of potential impact, Google Ad Grants is the real star here. If you qualify for Google for Nonprofits, you qualify for a staggering $10,000-worth of pay-per-click advertising every month. That means you’ll get free text ads for your organisation on Google Search, building awareness and boosting income. While you’ll need to understand Google AdWords to get the most of it, the potential is colossal.

G Suite for Nonprofits is the other flagship tool, giving charities access to business-grade Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs and more. While you may already be familiar with many of the personal versions of these solutions, G Suite for Nonprofits is effectively a professional version of these, giving your organisation personalised email addresses, more mailbox space and 24/7 support online or by phone.

There’s also Google One Today and Google Earth Outreach, which may well be relevant to your work – see the full list of Google for Nonprofits services to see what you could tap into. In Scotland, you’ll need to be registered with tt-exchange to take advantage of the Google for Nonprofits offer. We profiled the Technology Trust and their tools previously, check out that post to get started.

Plus! If your organisation is working with a specific emphasis on education, explore whether you can also use Google for Education; a suite of solutions tailored to educators and students worldwide.


Main image credit: digital-marketing by kvrkchowdari (CC0 1.0)