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Scotland’s one day of summer came early this April, and the events are also coming thick and fast. Here are some of the best skills and knowledge events on the horizon over the coming months.

We’ll be speaking and attending some of these events too. Make sure to look us up at any of the events noted with a CR.

APRIL Upcoming events

25 April Scottish Museums Federation Innovative Approaches to Museum Work (Stirling)

25 April Artswork Evaluating Youth Arts Projects (Manchester)

25 April Risks, Rights & Reputations: challenging a risk averse culture (London)

26 April Resourcing Scotland’s Heritage Inspiring Fundraising: A National Heritage Conference (Edinburgh)

26 April Museums Association Exhibitionists: Designing Great Exhibitions (London)

27 April Think!Sponsorship conference 2018 (London)

28 April Imagination: Scotland’s Festival of Ideas Nurturing Culture In An Age Of Rage (Glasgow)

May upcoming events

1 May Creative Edinburgh Creative Circles (Edinburgh)

2 May British Universities Film & Video Council An Introduction to Moving Image Metadata – Training Course (London)

3 May Glasgow School of Art Places of Creative Production: Understanding Scotland’s Creative Economy (Glasgow)

3 May Glasgow International Glasgow International & Creative Europe Roundtable (Glasgow)

9 May CRCulture Geek 2018 (London)

10 May Arts & Business Scotland Sponsorship: Developing creative partnerships (Edinburgh)

10 May DMA The future of customer engagement: Programmatic (London)

10 May Clore Leadership Programme Clore Leadership Webinar: Governance & Managing Artistic Risk (Online)

11 May Arts & Business Scotland Telling it like it is – Effective Copywriting (Edinburgh)

14-16 May FST Captioner Training (Edinburgh)

15 May Mackay Hannah The New Scottish Lobbying Act: Enforcement is coming (Edinburgh)

15-17 May Hootsuite Demystifying Social ROI: Webinar Bootcamp (online)

16 May Creative Edinburgh Creative & Corporate Love: Sharing is Caring (Edinburgh)

16 May AMA Step-by-Step — creating engaging marketing campaigns (Online)

16 May AMA User Experience — so you think you know your online audiences? (Online)

18 May Enterprise Music Scotland Music Education Matters 2018 (Glasgow)

22 May Westminster eForum Next steps for the Internet of Things (London)

23 May CR ⭐Culture Counts Core Members Meeting (Edinburgh)

23-25 May AMA Small-scale development programme (Leicester)

24 May DSC Increasing Corporate Support and Sponsorship (London)

27-31 May Agenda Communicating the Museum (Brussels)

June Upcoming events

1 June TEDx Glasgow (Glasgow)

5 June WMF Transparency in the digital advertising market (London)

6 June AMA Family Friendly Communications — ways to welcome all (Online)

6 June Family Arts Campaign Family Arts Leadership Symposium (Leeds)

7 June Museums Association Museum Tech 2018: A Digital Festival for Museums (London)

7-8 June Craft Scotland Conference 2018 – New Ways of Seeing (Edinburgh)

7-8 June Museum Camp Community Participation Bootcamp 2018 (Santa Cruz)

13-14 UX Scotland Conference 2018 (Edinburgh)

14 June AMA Mobile Video Production — using your phone to create a narrative (London)

14-15 June People Place Power conference (Wolverhampton)

18-20 June Museum Next conference 2018 (London)

21 June Arts & Business Scotland Introduction to being a Board Member (Glasgow)

21 June Arts & Business Scotland Introduction to being a Board Member (Edinburgh)

21 June Creative Edinburgh Talking Heads: New Values (Edinburgh)

21 June Association of Independent Museums National Conference (Warwickshire)

21 June Scottish Graduate School For Arts & Humanities Research Showcase: Enriching Lives Through Research (Glasgow)

21 June FSI Fundraising Conference: Sharing the Best 2018 (London)

25 June AMA Budgeting is Beautiful — planning and managing your costs (Online)