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Next up in our free SEO tools series is Ahrefs, which allows you to analyse how popular certain topics are online, including social media, so you can can deliver on-trend content.

Similar to Google Trends and Google AdWords, Ahrefs allows you to analyse data about how popular certain topics are online.

Ahrefs has its uses alongside Google’s services because it analyses data from different sources, including social media, making it a valuable tool in your overall SEO process.

What does Ahrefs show me?

Here is a selection of free tools available (albeit for a very limited time period, so use it wisely):

  • While Google Trends and Google AdWords allow you to track popularity of specific phrases, Ahrefs presents data for broader topics and concepts.
  • It sorts and compares this data by the channels that tend to generate the most interest. For instance, it may be that ‘ballet’ as a topic is more popular on Facebook and ‘theatre’ is more popular on Twitter.
  • It also helps identify specific keywords within a topic. It shows the effectiveness of different keywords across relevant platforms and times of the day.

How can I use this data?

This will help you decide how to configure which topics shape your online content. If you find that Twitter users engage better with your organisation, you may wish to tailor your content and keywords towards this market.

Conversely however, you may wish to improve the amount of attention you get from Facebook users, compared with Twitter, and can use this tool to help you establish how.

The use of Ahrefs will be by no means a simple and direct route to higher traffic and visibility. To get the maximum potential out of it, you will likely have to experiment with different SEO strategies and see what takes off. It will, however, give you an idea where to start, and a more concrete idea of what you need to improve when it comes to your content.

For more information about Ahrefs, or help and advice on other aspects of your cultural organisation’s marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to contact Culture Republic.

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