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LinkedIn is often overlooked as a social platform. But with the site redesigned for 2017, now is the perfect time to refresh your profile and engage with your peers.

Almost everyone has a LinkedIn profile, but how many people really know what to do with it?

LinkedIn is quite a different beast to other social media platforms – less public and more considered. It’s focused on connecting with professional peers or influencers rather than an external target audience.

Don’t dismiss LinkedIn

But don’t dismiss it because of this. Your peers and colleagues are very often part of your audience. When working on audience research we’ve often seen members of the cultural sector as an identifiable segment of cultural audiences.

Other benefits:

  • It’s a place to make connections with professionals in other sectors who are already embedded in spaces you want to work.
  • There is real value to be found in connecting with peers and sharing expertise.
  • A strong performance here helps to build the reputation of your organisation within the sector.
  • It’s a space that works across all sectors of business so it’s also important to build awareness and reputation that is relevant to potential sponsors or funders.

New look

LinkedIn has been redesigned for 2017 with a fresher, cleaner look and a more user-friendly feel. So now is the perfect time to dust off your old profile and your organisation’s official page and create some new, inspiring copy and visuals.

The new look LinkedIn has considerably more emphasis on visuals (it’s been heavily compared to Facebook in fact). Take time to make sure you have an appropriate profile picture and select strong header images that showcase your individual interests and your organisation’s brand.

There’s also more of a focus on the social aspect of the site with easier messaging and ways of interacting with other users. The quickest way to get social on the professional site is to give endorsements and recommendations. But sharing content is becoming more and more important for those looking to build a reputation in their area of expertise.

It’s a great way to get noticed and pick up useful tips. Commenting on other people’s posts will also help you to engage with peers and keep you and your work front of mind.


Main image credit: Engaging LinkedIn Profile by Blogtrepreneur (CC BY 2.0)