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Visual channels like Instagram are an increasingly popular way to engage audiences and MailChimp has recently announced it's integration with the photo-sharing app.

Earlier this year, we flagged up a handy MailChimp update which allowed users to connect their email marketing lists to their Facebook campaigns. We know from internal research that many of you are MailChimp users. Now the company have announced another potentially valuable social connection, this time with Instagram.

The new functionality allows users to share contact lists from MailChimp to Instagram, leading to a significant potential increase in reach. MailChimp have also developed an Instagram Ad creator within their platform, so you can build, target and deliver your Instagram, Facebook and email marketing campaigns all from one place.

MailChimp ❤️’s Instagram

Email marketing has become a ubiquitous tool, with even the smallest organisations finding time to update their supporters on new exhibitions, performances or events with an email newsletter. But many organisations are still searching for the most effective way to use social media – especially Instagram.

As audience expectations evolve, your digital marketing needs to keep up. Visual channels like Instagram are an excellent way to engage audiences – especially younger demographics. The Pew Research centre reported in November 2016, that 59% of Instagram users are aged 18-29. Sprout Social has recently published a useful article, 18 Instagram Stats Every Marketer Should Know for 2017, which gives essential statistics and guidance on maximising Instagram effectively and honing your campaign.

If you know how to design email campaigns in MailChimp, then you’re already on track for building your own Instagram ads. Not only can you use your existing email list to instantly reach out to your most loyal visitors or audience members on Instagram, but you can also target new leads by tracking people with similar interests to your existing email database.

If you’re new to Instagram Ads, MailChimp will help you to get started with a range of best-practice resources. Analytics options offer built-in tools to measure ROI and uncover which ads earned you the most conversions. So you can start to tailor your Instagram content quickly to determine what really connects with your audience in Instagram.

Interested in Instagram as a digital marketing channel? Find out more about the Stories function on this popular visual network.

Main image credit: Instagram by Wokandapix (CC0 1.0)