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Nathan Bombrys, Managing Director of Glasgow Warriors, highlights how the rugby club inspires loyalty and repeat attendance in their fans.

Nathan Bombrys, Managing Director of Glasgow Warriors, spoke at our Coming Back For More: Retention, Loyalty & Growth event on Friday 27 October, alongside Charlotte Gross of Scottish Ballet.

We’ve pulled together the highlights of Nathan and Charlotte’s talks to inspire your future marketing plans – whether you’re in the arts, culture or sport! This is what Nathan had to say.


Nathan spoke of the challenge, but also the opportunity, of making sure that everyone in the organisation is moving towards the same goal. And not only the Board and CEO, but the catering staff, stewards and coaches too. Getting feedback by walking around the stadium, asking questions and being approachable, allows Nathan to get a feel for how the entire staff are feeling. It also raises any issues that may affect the larger mission and purpose of the club.


Glasgow Warriors makes sure they are more than a rugby team and add value to the life of the city. This involves forging links with the community through activities such as open days at the stadium and sending players out to local schools.


Knowing the value of your products and offerings allows you to set price points on your terms. Glasgow Warriors were investing in their players, a new stadium and facilities. They had a strong case for a price increase. They bet that loyal fans would invest in a team that was invested in itself. The bet paid off.

the experience

Nathan and the management team found that the ritual of going to a Glasgow Warriors game was more often the reason for attending than the rugby itself. Identifying the trip as a family or friends’ day out meant making every moment special. Glasgow Warriors did this by having players sign autographs, welcoming fans by name (admittedly a tricky one for most venues!) and creating a culture of the stadium as a place “where dreams come true”.

for the fans, not the press

Shout about your successes, new products and news before anyone else. Nathan and the team realised they could generate the same amount of buzz and traction around stories posted on social media without sending out press releases, giving their own channels the best news first.

Main image credit: Ulster vs Glasgow by Florian Christoph (CC BY 2.0 (cropped from original))