Ashley Smith-Hammond

Good news for organisations looking to diversify their income streams. The Government has invested £300,000 to help support arts organisations.

A new culture and business fund, designed to support more arts and heritage projects, has been launched by the Scottish Government.

The Culture & Business Fund Scotland is managed by Arts & Business Scotland and seeks to bring together business, arts and heritage organisations by offering grant funding and matching it with business sponsorship. The Culture & Business Fund Scotland aims to:

  • Bring businesses together with arts and heritage activity within Scotland for the first time.
  • Entice back businesses that have not sponsored the arts or heritage in Scotland within the previous two years.
  • Encourage companies based outside to sponsor arts and heritage activities in Scotland.


What’s available?

The total funding available is £300,000 from the government plus £36,000 from Historic Environment Scotland for heritage organisations. Projects can receive anything from £1,000 to £40,000 in any one financial year. The goal is to match the grant money with business sponsorship to the same value.

How to apply

Any arts and heritage organisations or cultural trusts based in Scotland can apply but they must provide evidence that the project benefits the community. Applicants will also need to show:

  • Evidence of how the organisation is constituted and registered.
  • A full project programme and evidence that the public will be able to participate.

Online applications will be available soon on The Culture & Business Fund website. But you can get started and apply via email. The forms and guidelines are available from Arts and Business Scotland now.

Main image credit: Trans Europe Halles by Creative Lenses Forum Lund (CC BY-SA-NC 2.0)