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Most cultural organisations have cottoned onto the benefits of Twitter and Facebook, but have you considered Pinterest?

Pinterest has recently added new features and resources to its useful ‘Pinterest for Business’ feature. Take the time to consider if smaller networks, like Pinterest, could be a good fit for your audience.

Pinterest is especially good for smaller organisations with strong visual content. You can create ads and buyable pins for items in your online shop.

Pinterest really caters to a specific demographic. While it’s not up there with Facebook, it’s still a very big network, with 175 million active monthly users. Within that, various reports have indicated that its userbase is overwhelmingly female. If your organisation is looking to catch the attention of a female audience, Pinterest is something you should definitely be considering.

Getting started with pinterest

Pinterest for Business is free to use, and allows you to create pins and boards, the network’s staple diet. Think of pins as the content you post and boards as the way you organise that content.

For cultural organisations the visual focus is great. Users are looking to find and share new experiences and products, making your Pinterest account a virtual storefront.

Having a business account allows you to tap the potential of great features like Lens, Shop the Look and Instant Ideas (explored in detail by Adweek here) to optimise your ads, known as Promoted Pins. Once your account is up and running, you can use the inbuilt Analytics feature to measure how successful your activity is.

Main image credit: Pinterest Beth Kanter profile by Cambodia for Kids Org (CC BY 2.0)