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If you are already using MailChimp for your email marketing, now you can reach those same audiences on Facebook.

Most organisations have spent a lot of time (and often money too) building their email databases. Perhaps you ask for an email address as an opt-in for your patrons when they buy tickets, or maybe you have a pop-up on the website that captures addresses from visitors to your site.

Gather once, use twice

It makes sense to make the most out of the information and contacts you’ve collected. One handy way of doing this is to use your MailChimp email lists on Facebook. This trick gives you a new way of reaching out to your audience, potentially re-engaging hundreds if not thousands of people.

This is new functionality with lots of potential. MailChimp is traditionally used for emailing large numbers of people at once or for creating and sending a newsletter to fans about upcoming news and events.

But emails can go unread, deleted straight away or swiped into the junk folder in these days of constant communication. If you open your Gmail or Hotmail account to find stacks of unread emails since yesterday there’s every chance you won’t have the time to open every one.

Facebook, however, can be a friendlier, more sociable and relaxed way to contact your audience who are often actively looking for a distraction while they wait in a queue or travel to work on the bus.

A striking visual post about an upcoming production or exhibition is likely to be well received in these circumstances. Plus, as people tend to share things they find interesting on social media, you could well reach a wider audience.

If you’re interested in testing out how this cross-platform marketing could work for your organisation, look for MailChimp’s monkey face on Facebook and simply upload your MailChimp list.


Main image credit: Smartphone by Christian Hornick (CC BY-SA 2.0)