Ashley Smith-Hammond

The D’Art Report 52: Cultural Leadership in the 21st Century is a revised edition of the discussion paper by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) for the 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture.


Produced in preparation for the October 2016 World Summit, the paper aimed to provide event participants with background reading on the theme of cultural leadership in the 21st Century. It was revised after the event and subsequently re-published in July 2017, it suggested that we are at something of a crossroads.

The paper focuses on the concept of cultural leadership from different perspectives. It also addresses the wider question of how culture can play a leading role in driving positive societal change.

IFACCA invited six experts to provide personal regional perspectives on cultural leadership and looks at the results of three surveys. The first of these surveys focuses on national arts agencies (arts councils and ministries of culture including IFACCA members); a second looks at the views of the general public (particularly on the cultural sector), and the third survey addressed organisations and institutions that provide training for leadership for the cultural sector.

The section examining cultural leadership from a European perspective (from page 28), draws on research spearheaded in Scotland. The project, ‘Cultural Leadership and the Place of the Artist‘ is based out of Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen.

You can access the full D’Art report here.

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