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For live or special events, Snapchat Custom Stories, can be a very successful element of your digital marketing campaign.

Did you catch our article on Snapchat stories and engaging younger audiences with this social media tool?

Well, now, Snapchat has launched Custom Stories, a simple new addition to its successful Stories feature. Its creative format could tie in especially well with your audience’s experience of arts and culture.

Custom Stories are like a shared group. Users give their story a name and then decide which of their friends can join in. Or, you can invite all nearby Snapchat users to participate. Once it’s set up, everyone in the group can add pictures and clips with all of Snapchat’s usual customisation and filters, to create a fun and personal story together.

Snapchat started the stories phenomenon, but since then, the likes of Instagram and Facebook have used their huge resources to launch successful copycat features and gate-crash the party.

Techcrunch have reported figures from Snapchat itself showing that growth in take-up of the feature has slowed notably. Perhaps this – coupled with the growth in the competition – is what has prompted Snapchat to add new features and keep pace.

For live or special events, Snapchat Stories and now, Custom Stories, can be a quirky and very successful element of your digital marketing campaigns. They disappear 24 hours after the last post. This time sensitivity could create real urgency and effervescence around the UGC (User Generated Content) from a live event. But even if you don’t have the resources to launch a Custom Story yourself, why not encourage young audiences to create one of their own when they visit?

Commentators are noting the feature’s potential for birthday parties, weddings, school dances and the like. This could equally work well for launch events, opening nights or festivals – anything that is time and space limited.

The whole point of the new feature is that it’s all about the user and group of friends that connect around something unique. Social media is the new word of mouth and Snapchat’s creative format could tie in with your audience’s experience of arts and culture.

Main image credit: The Arts in a Digital World Summit by Antonio Roberts (CC BY-SA 2.0)