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Try these three exercises to improve social media engagement with your posts and responses.

Activate your fans, just don't collect them like baseball cards.

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Lets start with Digital Content Marketing 101: Don’t start your blog post with a click-baity “top three” headline and an inspirational quote from a Social Media ‘Guru’. Although, if you’re reading this you clicked on it and I hope you read on. And, I do like the sentiment in the quote above.

Followers and likes are often vanity metrics. Engagement is the most important thing to encourage in your social posts and responses. Here’s my top three tips to help you along the way.

User Experience

How are you using social channels yourself? Are you social native or do you just do it for work? Understanding how you use it will help inform how you could plan for your own organisation.

Try this: An exercise we find really useful is for the people posting on social to spend 30 minutes each month doing the following:

  1. Open your organisation’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. channel.
  2. Go to your newsfeed.
  3. Observe what you intuitively do with your hands. Do you scroll? Click somewhere else? Search? Look for what’s trending?
  4. Where do you stop first? What did you find interesting about it? Was it text based, video, or a photo?
  5. Make changes if necessary.

Compare and contrast

Unless you are looking for something very specific, it’s unlikely you will go to a company’s social page. Take the time to look at what your comparators/competitors news feed is like. What do they do and how is it performing.

Try this: Again, for 30 minutes each month:

  1. Open your competitors/comparators social pages.
  2. Scroll through their content.
  3. What do you find interesting? Dull? Engaging?
  4. What are the posting, what type of words are they using?
  5. Note down and see if there is anything of value that you could start to do.

Comment more

With Facebook recently changing their algorithm to favour posts from family and friends, I’ve observed a downward engagement trend for some organisations on this channel. People within your organisation can help to improve engagement figures. Often you find that people within the organisation simply like the odd post here or there.

Try this: Encourage your team to comment and share with a comment as to why your Facebook post is useful. From the company page you can also add a comment with a link below to your initial post (I often do this with a hyperlink to the site or details of where an event is taking place.). This can help to boost engagement with the post and keep it higher up in people’s news feeds.

If you are looking for a bit more help to improve your social media marketing, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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