Ashley Smith-Hammond

Our session from the 2016 This Way Up conference for UK film exhibition innovation on building stronger and longer lasting connections with audiences using online channels.

Watch video of Culture Republic’s session at the 2016 This Way Up conference for UK film exhibition innovation.

The presentation from Colan Mehaffey and Ashley Smith Hammond helped UK film exhibition professionals learn to build stronger, long lasting connections with  audiences using online channels.

Check it out for case studies from the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the niche marketing of  horror genre films and the practical benefits of loyalty schemes.

Live in the moment with your audience

In the video you’ll learn about three key trends in online audience engagement. Attendees were taken through practical techniques for reaching audiences with the right message at the right time.

1) Moments of Truth – people sharing their experience with their networks

2) Micro Moments – mobile, immediate and impulse driven

3) Lifetime Value – building loyalty with your organisation adds long term value

The session was webcast live on 30 November 2016. Thanks to the This Way Up organisers for sharing the video.

Main image credit: Mega Megaphone by John W Schulze (CC BY 2.0)