Culture Republic's age profile reports can support funding applications, encourage diversity and inclusion and highlight potential audiences.

It could be argued that getting people to attend your events or through your doors is the main goal when attracting audiences. However, ensuring diversity across age groups should play an important part in your audience development strategy.

Age cuts right across all other demographics such as ethnicity, geography or income. So being aware of the age profiles of your current and potential audience is crucial. Organisations embracing diversity and inclusion are more successful creatively, economically viable and sustainable. By ensuring you are providing for young and old and in between, you can help tackle exclusion and loneliness and give younger generations a voice and path into arts and culture.

Q: What is your age?

Some of the richer diversity audience data can only be gathered through surveys. An example of such data is age. The graph above shows face-to-face survey results of one our festival clients conducted in 2017. The client was looking to find trends in their audience over the years in able to inform future marketing strategies, funding bids and programming.