Culture Republic’s Bespoke Digital Reporting Identifies Changes in Behaviour, Engagement, Interaction Across All Social Media Platforms

Even if your organisation has few staff or financial resources, detailed customer insights are easily accessible to you from your web and social media metrics. You don’t have to wait for ages or commission costly surveys to see what is working. You get immediate feedback that means you can adapt what you are doing to quickly improve your take up or results.

Our database of digital insights enable you to track engagement on Facebook, Twitter and your website’s Google Analytics and compare it to others. It reveal the content that is most relevant and engaging to your audience. Such content has the potential to create advocacy and powerful ‘word of mouth’ from friends and followers, at a scale that is unprecedented.

Our Scottish cultural benchmark tracks millions of Twitter and Facebook posts across the sector providing a rich and relevant context to understand the audience’s perspective. This lets you quickly discover what content is working to generate engagement with your programme. It also lets you see what is working for other organisations like yours.

Q: What social media content generates the most engagement?

The chart above comes from aggregated Facebook Insights data over a 12 month period. It shows that video (including video from other sources that wasn’t produced in-house) was generating the greatest engagement on this channel. So if your goal is to generate more engagement on Facebook you can see exactly what you should do (more video!) and how much bang for you video buck you’re likely to get (a reasonable estimate of ROI).