Culture Republic’s National Audience Research Quantifies How Building Loyalty Strengthens and Sustains Revenues

It takes a significant amount of time and effort to engage a new audience than to keep an existing one. Retaining the audience you have is the most effective way to reduce costs as well as boost audiences. For example, studies have shown that an increase in retention can yield twice as much in future attendance and revenues regardless of ticket pricing or venue size.

This approach to audience growth and engagement relies on using the data available to build a much deeper understanding of how often people choose to attend and what has captured their interest. It means gathering audience data purposefully at every touchpoint of the customer journey; face to face or electronically, recording the pattern and cycle of attendance and interest over time. This more robust picture of your audience, one that appreciates and takes into account people’s preferences, interests and habits will inform your relationship with them to provide useful insight at the start of any creative and /or service design process.

You can build a picture of the loyalty of your audience to see what proportion of your audience is most active or, most lucrative. Linking to data in our system we can compare the detailed booking history from any household and ticketing data you gather, with others across the country.

Q: Who in my audience generates the greatest return?

This example from a group of arts organisations shows the same strong pattern over a five year period. Around 25% of all tickets are bought from households that come once in a year, with a similar proportion (likely to be group or subscription buyers) coming 10 times or more. It suggests that different marketing strategies and a tailored approach to customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service is necessary. Focusing on encouraging a second visit rather than just one, will reap real benefits both in attendance and revenues.