Culture Republic’s national audience mapping tools help identify where your most engaged audiences live

Knowing where your audiences live in relation to your venue can help identify their lifestyle and buying habits, and how to market to them effectively. It tells you whether your campaigns and audience engagement activities are working, and can show how different types of event attract people with different lifestyles from different locations.

Using Culture Republic’s mapping tools, you can visualise where your audience are coming from. Maps are bespoke. We make them to give the clearest possible insights into your impact. You can look at the national picture or the hyper-local. You can look at how people attend from a local authority, a NHS health board, a parliamentary constituency or postcode sector (eg AB21 2).

Find new audiences

Turn it around and use it to look for gaps. Find where your audiences aren’t and identify areas your programme isn’t yet reaching. You can target your communications and programme to fill those gaps and diversify your audience.


Use maps of your current audiences with segmentation and drive time analysis to find similar people who might also be keen to take advantage of what you have to offer. Combine audience maps with other population data like Scotland’s census or SIMD16, to get a deeper understanding of the demographic mix of your audience.

Reach people on the street where they live

Find key areas you might want to target people using proximity marketing. Using beacons, you can reach people on the streets in a particular neighbourhood using their mobile phones. This could be is particularly useful for organisations that want to focus their limited budgets on a specific area where you want to connect with a current or potential audience.

For example, below you can see audiences at a postcode level. It immediately tells a story about national reach and areas where more and less of your audience comes from.

map of Scotland with coloured areas indicating higher levels of attendance from around urban centres

The map above shows visual arts audiences over a 12-month period. Selected locations collected data from visitors to better understand where they were coming from. It is possible to zoom in, and if you know the area, you get a good idea of the neighbourhoods where people are most like to attend. It gives an immediate insight into who your audiences are. You can see quickly if your local community is engaged and the distance of your reach.