The embeddable DM button from Twitter means better customer service. Your audience can chat to you, direct from your website.

Better customer service

Are you missing a trick to make your existing social media profiles work harder for you? Not many marketers are aware of the embeddable direct messaging (DM) button on Twitter, which has opened up a new channel for customer support and conversation.

With this function, visitors can send you a direct message from your website using the Twitter platform, speeding up the whole process of customer service. It allows for dynamic communication on a platform your visitors are used to and crucially, already have an account with.

OK, so how do I use it?

It’s simple. Once you find the option under ‘Twitter Buttons’ with this link, add your Twitter handle and numerical user ID (this can be found in ‘settings’) then copy the auto-generated code and paste it into your site.

Go back to settings and allow Twitter to let you receive direct messages from anyone.  Then it’s simply a case of respond as needed.


Image credit: bohemian waxwing by Matt MacGillivray (CC BY 2.0)