Culture Republic work with Artists, Producers and Cultural Organisations across Scotland who want to grow. We provide you with:

The ONLY national dataset

A treasure trove of audience data drawn from across Scotland. Our data lets you measure year-on-year trends for cultural attendance and online cultural engagement.

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Digital Impact Analysis

We map your social media and website performance against other cultural organisations and a comparison group that you choose. It's the tool you need to create an effective digital strategy.

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Value for your programme

How and where to raise more revenues from your existing audience – through repeat attendance, selling more tickets, membership, loyalty or improved e-commerce.

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Messages as diverse as your audience

We can help you make sense of the different types of people that make up your audiences – what they like and what they are like. With that in hand you can begin to find the people you might be missing.

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So you can understand:

Trio of people smiling and engaged at a conference

Who your audience are

We use our in-house online and in-person audience data and compare it with the wider population. This helps you understand what’s special about Scotland’s audiences and how to put that information to work.

Who they could be

Keep up with changes as they happen to tools, technology and policy. Whether you are looking to reach out to groups you’re missing or bring in more people like the ones you’re already reaching, start here.

Workshop group being lead by the Flip organisation

How to reach them

It's about getting your messages and channels right, to reach the right people with a message that matters. Learn about how to reach people who would love what you do; if only they knew about it.

Letting you focus on:

Stationary and storyboarding paperwork

Time and resource

You can focus your time and resources on engaging new audiences and leveraging the value of the ones you have already.

Workshop on new marketing trends with a tutor pointing to slideshow

Reacting to trends

Planning ahead so that you know what technologies, and emerging resources will help you grow.

Return on investment

Evidencing the return on all the time and money you put in to maximise your sustainability and relevance.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our partners think:

Visible Cinema Audience applauding

“The Impact of the Research For the GFT has been vast and legacy building.”

Jodie Wilkinson, Glasgow Film Theatre

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Cove Park Saturday Arts Club by Dovecot Studios, a group of young people handling colourful knitted items

“We have seen a 95% increase in sessions from mobile devices from June 2017 -compared to same period in 2016.”

Lizzie Cowan, Dovecot Studios

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NYCos singing in a cathedral

“The research will prove to be an invaluable source of insight as we begin a rebranding project.”

Peter Muir, National Youth Choir of Scotland

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crowds look onto a display of model cakes

“They have always been supportive, responsive and flexible in their approach and it has been a pleasure working with the team.”

Karen Cunningham, Festival of Architecture

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