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Digital Engagement Strategies with Jasper Visser


Just 30 places are available at this half-day, hands-on practical Masterclass with Jasper Visser, co-creator of the Digital Engagement Framework. Use international best practices to develop a better understanding of the impact of digital audiences and digital engagement on cultural organisations, and leave with a host of practical ideas and action points for your own organisation or work.

    December 08 @ 12:45 - 17:00 Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh

Accessing the Arts – October’s First Wednesday

Wheelchair access sign by WELS net (CC.20)

Disabled Access Day is all about highlighting the accessibility of your venue, encouraging more people to visit and learning what you could do better. Antonia Lee-Bapty of Euan’s Guide was at October’s First Wednesday to talk about how arts and cultural venues can get involved, and why they should!

Disability Population Profile: The Essentials

1 essentials

On average, 1 in 5 of the Scottish population has a long-term activity limiting health issue or disability. If they can’t be counted amongst YOUR audience, then you’re missing out – and so are they. Download our PDF fact files to make sure that you have the facts at your fingertips in your work with disabled audiences.

How digitally capable are Scotland’s arts?


Culture Republic is undertaking an ambitious piece of research looking at public facing operational functions carried out by arts organisations – things like whether or not an arts organisations’ website is optimised for mobile browsing, if they offer online ticket sales or if they are doing online fundraising.

Getting It Right Online – a practical digital communications workshop


Culture Republic is bringing you a thoroughly practical session designed for teams from arts and culture organisations with responsibility for day to day digital communications. You will be guided through the process of building a tailor made Digital Communications Plan for your organisation and, at the end of the session, your team will have a plan that you can start using straight away.

    December 15 @ 10:00 - 16:30 Dundee Rep Theatre, Dundee

Introducing the Culture Republic Podcast


An introduction to Culture Republic’s podcast, all about how the arts community in Scotland is reaching out to different sections of the population.

Podcast – Reaching Family Audiences in Scotland


This episode looks at families across Scotland and explores the value, which is not simply monetary, of engaging widely with families as arts participants and attendees.

Working with Glasgow Film Theatre

Is this seat taken? by Blondinrikard Fröberg (CC2.0)

Glasgow Film Theatre is doing a great job of making themselves more accessible to a wide range of audiences. We worked with them to evaluate the success and reach of their existing access and equalities measures and to scope further audience groups with potential for increased engagement.

Access All Areas Videos


Video from the Access All Areas conference is now available for delegates to revisit and for those who weren’t able to attend to benefit from the archived content.


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RT @clairg: BEMIS: You lose the essence of citizenship when you talk about BAME (or other acronyms). Not in a box #CRConf15

New Approaches to Community Engagement – Access All Areas


This video features the second Access All Areas breakout session, New Approaches to Community Engagement. Chaired by Culture Republic Board member Nick Parr and featured short talks from: Sarah Drummond of Snook, Amanda Brown of Glasgow Life, Jan-Bert van den Berg of Artlink Edinburgh.


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Fiona Hyslop – Access All Areas


This video features Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, Fiona Hyslop, sharing the Scottish Government’s perspective on culture and public engagement.

Panel Discussion, Looking to the Future – Access All Areas


This video features afternoon panel discussion at the Access All Areas conference. Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Kirsty Wark the panel includes contributions from: Jill Miller, Glasgow Life; Leonie Bell, Creative Scotland; Jackie Killeen, Big Lottery Fund and Julie Tait, Culture Republic.

If data is currency, how much have you got in the bank?

coins stacked on a graph

Data is currency. Handled with purpose and a little creativity, it can help you tell stories, solve problems and make new connections.


We’ve run the numbers on Scotland’s population around #disability & arts #access @EuansGuide


Widening access to the youth market

audience in theatre

Interested in connecting with young people? The findings from Culture Republic’s research with Scottish Ballet tell a story relevant to all art forms.

David Goodhart – Access All Areas


This video features Director of the Demos Integration Hub, David Goodhart who started the Access All Areas conference off by Setting the Scene.

Maria Balshaw – Access All Areas


This video features Director of the Whitworth Gallery Dr Maria Balshaw on how artists, arts organisations, audiences and partnership are the natural direction of travel for future sustainability.


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Singing makes people feel good

The Big Big Sing’s big idea was to have a positive impact on participants’ well being and the results from Culture Republic research are cause for optimism.


RT @rufflemuffin: Wow @glasgowlife developed a massive CRM tracking all Glasgow customers. They know where they arent doing well for improvement. #CRConf15

Disability in Scotland


Based on data from the last Scottish census, 20% of people living in Scotland have a long-term activity-limiting health issue or disability. This equals about 1.04 million people.

New Partnership for Wider Engagement – Access All Areas


This video features the first Access All Areas breakout session, New Partnerships for Wider Engagement. Chaired by Culture Republic Board member Sue Crossman and featured short talks from: Kevin Harrison of Artlink Central, Jackie Shearer of Platform and Dr. Rami Ousta of BEMIS Scotland.

Q&A David Goodhart and Julia Middleton – Access All Areas


This video features a question and answer session chaired by journalist and broadcaster Kirsty Wark on Demos’ David Goodhart and Common Purpose’s Julia Middleton’s talks at the Access All Areas conference.


RT @CreativeScots: Great to hear all about @EuansGuide aims to make accessibility mainstream from @antonialeebapty at New Technologies lab session #CRConf15


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Julie Tait – Access All Areas


This video features Culture Republic’s Director, Julie Tait, reflecting on learnings from the Access All Areas conference and looking forward to the future.


Relevant for #CRConf15 conversations
@mrdjstevenson in @ArtsPro calls for a diversity of voices in funding decisions


Glad to be providing a forum for important conversations at #CRConf15


RT @tanyaraabe: @culture_public #CRConf15 Discussed relevance of digital media in development of global audiences #NDACA @ShapeArts


Access advice for arts organisations from Euan’s Guide

Euan & Paul at the National Theatre

According to Euan’s Guide, many arts and cultural organisations are already doing a good job of making their spaces accessible to a range of audiences. Unfortunately, in many cases, arts organisations are doing a poor job of letting these audiences know about the resources that are in place to serve them.


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Panel Discussion on Mainstreaming Equality – Access All Areas


This video features the morning panel discussion at the Access All Areas conference. Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Kirsty Wark the panel includes: Janet Archer Creative Scotland; Tanya Raabe-Webber Visual Artist; Claire Cunningham Performing Artist; Annie George Writer & Director; Kerry Michael Theatre Royal Stratford East; Johnny McKnight Random Accomplice; Dr. Maria Balshaw the Whitworth Gallery

Julia Middleton – Access All Areas


This video features Founder and Chief Executive of Common Purpose, Julia Middleton, speaking on Cultural Intelligence.

Family Friendly Arts in Focus

child walking on large spheres

Culture Republic recently partnered with the Family Arts Campaign, hosting two briefing sessions in Glasgow and Edinburgh on what we know about family arts engagement in Scotland and to gauge the appetite for the Campaign in Scotland. Culture Republic set the context for the conversation by giving an in-depth look at the arts attendance patterns for […]


Taster album of pictures from #CRConf15 on @Flickr thanks to our fabulous photographer @elainelivphoto


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Julie Tait and Kirsty Wark – Introduction to Access All Areas

Julie Tait & Kirsty Wark

This video features Director of Culture Republic Julie Tait with journalist and broadcaster Kirsty Wark introducing the Access All Areas conference.

Kerry Michael – Access All Areas


This video features Artistic Director of Theatre Royal Stratford East, Kerry Michael, speaking on how Equality, Access and Inclusion isn’t just ‘a good thing’, it’s also good for business.


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