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Culture Republic provides the tools and insights that Scotland’s arts and cultural organisations need to identify and understand their audiences. Whether you’re looking at attendance, participation, footfall or digital engagement, we can help you see who you’re reaching now; who you’re missing, and where to find those elusive hard-to-reach groups.

The missing millions: breaking down barriers to access

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We’ve taken a closer look at some of the practical tools and creative solutions that organisations are using to understand and connect with groups that have historically been absent or under-represented in their audience profiles.

The Culture
Republic team

Meet the team at Culture Republic. Our core staff of researchers, marketers and digital experts are supported by an extended team of associates from across the country.

Festival facts: spotlight on East Neuk Festival

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We talk to Svend Brown, Artistic Director of the East Neuk Festival, about audience data and what it means for him.


After London, theatre attenders most likely to be from Central #Scotland & the Borders according to @YouGov

Content Matters

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Success in content-driven marketing comes to organisations whose communications campaigns concentrate on the channels where they know their customers are active, and make the very most of those channels through the creation or curation of content that’s developed with the channel in mind.


We’ve a great new interview up with @svendbr about developing @EastNeukFest audiences.

Wider & Deeper – building audience engagement

This event will provide actionable insights into audience behaviour and engagement in the visual arts, performing arts and at festivals in England and Scotland.


Care about Edinburgh’s culture? Consultation is underway on #DesireLinesEdin & at More info

Facebook Advertising – using Facebook better

Learn how to use the tools that Facebook provides to make the most of your current contacts, connect more effectively with the people who already like your page and find new potential audiences.

Starting Up a Twitter Strategy – how the Tate did it

The Tate are often used as a best practice case study in how to connect a communications strategy to digital practice and effective analytics . But even the best practitioners still have to get started somewhere.