We are Culture Republic

The destination for cultural engagement in Scotland.

Culture Republic provides Scotland’s cultural organisations with the support they need to understand and engage with the public in ways that work. 

We share that knowledge and intelligence across the cultural sector to inform decision making for business leaders, marketers and directors.

Working with cultural organisations large and small; ticketed and ticketless; performance-orientated, visitor focused or community based, we provide them with the tools and intelligence they need to meet business goals and bring their work to the widest possible segment of Scotland’s public.

We bring all of our partners and clients the added benefit of wider national data sets, new digital reporting, and a full national reach. Whether you need to access new groups and new areas or to strike deeper into familiar territory, we can help you to reach out to the people that you want to engage with and understand what makes them tick. 

Our research, marketing and digital expertise are available to every cultural organisation in Scotland, through our annual partnership model; on a bespoke consultancy basis; and free of charge through the strategic projects that we manage on a national scale.