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Embedding equalities in the arts: Signdance Collective

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Signdance Collective (SDC) have an impressive track record when it comes to access, inclusion and cultural diversity. We spoke to Isolte Avila, Dance Director at SDC, to find out more about how the organisation has managed to embed these principles in their work.

Horizon 2016 – five digital marketing trends to watch


As audiences become more digitally dependent audience engagement practice will need to keep evolving in order to stay relevant. Read our top five digital trends for 2016.

Google, Facebook and Twitter 2015 roundup for marketers


The big three digital companies have been busy innovating, so don’t get too comfortable. Even if you think you know what you’re doing on Facebook, Twitter and Google make sure you keep up to date.

Older People Population Profiles: The Essentials


In 2011 there were one million people of pensionable age in Scotland, and that number is growing. Our Population Profile on older audiences provides facts, figures and case studies to support arts organisations working to engage Scotland’s older population.

Cultural Marketing in 2015: four trends from around the world


We highlight four big themes that influenced arts marketing practice across Scotland and beyond in 2015, together with examples of the inspired and inspiring campaigns that emerged in response to them – at home and further afield.

Visual Arts Scotland: grow your audience with our new research project


This new pilot project to map, measure and grow audiences for museums and galleries in Scotland launches in January 2016. Now’s the time to get involved! Start the New Year with new audience insights, and compare your visitor profile with peer venues throughout the UK.

Mapping Scotland’s Audiences

We’ve combined data from the Scottish Household Survey, Scotland Census and TGI Surveys to create an interactive map that reveals at a glance the differences in demography and cultural engagement across Scotland’s 32 Local Authority areas.

Podcast – increasing access for socially excluded audiences


The December Culture Republic podcast looks at audiences who are experiencing social exclusion in Scotland and the arts organisations that are working to serve them. This episode features interviews with Rob Gallagher of Impact Arts and Kate Wimpress of North Edinburgh Arts.

How digitally capable are Scotland’s arts?


Culture Republic is undertaking an ambitious piece of research looking at public facing operational functions carried out by arts organisations – things like whether or not an arts organisations’ website is optimised for mobile browsing, if they offer online ticket sales or if they are doing online fundraising.

Podcast – Reaching Family Audiences in Scotland


This episode looks at families across Scotland and explores the value, which is not simply monetary, of engaging widely with families as arts participants and attendees.


RT @A_SIMD: In deprived areas 64% ppl live near derelict sites
See @culture_public article for the basics of #SIMD and more

Population Profiles

0 overview

Culture Republic Population Profiles are a series of six practical fact files, designed for anyone involved in marketing, programming or producing work for Scottish audiences.


If you’re taking part in @VolArtsWeek in May 2016 you can apply for some extra #funding – find out how:

Podcast – Scotland’s Ageing Audiences


In November, Culture Republic looks at how Scotland’s artists and arts organisations are engaging with older audiences in Scotland. This episode features interviews with Martha Pollard from the Scottish Poetry Library on the Living Voices project and Emma Young from Dance House on the Still Dancing performance group.


Interesting read from @guardianculture about making theatre for teenagers & younger audiences #OneAudience


Our #CRPodcast looks at how Scotland’s arts organisations are engaging w/ #OlderAudiences


Working with Glasgow Film Theatre

Is this seat taken? by Blondinrikard Fröberg (CC2.0)

Glasgow Film Theatre is doing a great job of making themselves more accessible to a wide range of audiences. We worked with them to evaluate the success and reach of their existing access and equalities measures and to scope further audience groups with potential for increased engagement.


Interesting @GdnCulturePros read questioning how far we’ve really come in terms of colour-blind casting #OneAudience


Organisers at @ChaseParkFest explain how they improved #access at the festival in this @ArtsPro article #OneAudience

Celebrating partnership with Creative Lives

Calton Hill, Edinburgh by Raphael Chekroun (CC BY-ND 2.0)

At the latest Creative Lives meeting, participants came together to share community focused practice. The examples highlighted some of the inspirational partnership work taking place across Edinburgh today.


‘Statistics show short form engagement is the future’ Read how @RoyalOperaHouse uses #digital to reach new audiences


Pedro Machado shares his experiences of taking @candocodance overseas via @ArtsPro #OneAudience


Arts Council Northern Ireland has invested £95000 to support arts projects for older people. Read more: #OneAudience


Running Facebook Campaigns can be daunting, we’ll help structure & optimise your ads (Image via Facebook)



Approximately 62,000 tickets for the arts were bought by disabled people & their carers in 2013/14. Read more


Successful #diversedecember has expanded to #readdiverse2016 celebrating BAME & LGBT writers year round #OneAudience


Geoff Ellis shares how helping to run @able2uk gig has opened his eyes to needs of disabled audiences #OneAudience

Embedding equalities in the arts: The Fruitmarket Gallery


Creative Scotland has asked that all Regularly Funded Organisations should have an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plan in place for April 2016. The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh set up their action plan in February 2014, and so we spoke to the Gallery’s Equality Officer Caitlin Page, to find out what we could learn from their approach.

Disability Population Profile: The Essentials

1 essentials

On average, 1 in 5 of the Scottish population has a long-term activity limiting health issue or disability. If they can’t be counted amongst YOUR audience, then you’re missing out – and so are they. Download our PDF fact files to make sure that you have the facts at your fingertips in your work with disabled audiences.


Mobile now accounts for 34% of all pounds spent on digital display advertising in the UK say @IABUK Read more


Our @AnAshleyAbroad has written a guest blog for @spektrix on The Shape of Scotland’s Digital Business Management

Email marketing: what we learnt at November’s First Wednesday

Email overload by Sebastien Wiertz (CC BY-ND 2.0)

November’s First Wednesday for Culture Republic partners was all about email marketing. Stephanie Lindsay of Dog Digital explained how creative and well planned email campaigns can produce significant results and be a complimentary channel for your marketing mix.


Research from @FuelTheatre shows that new theatre work excites & encourages future audiences

Deprivation Population Profile: The Essentials


Deprivation happens when people or places face a series of problems including unemployment, poor education, low income, poor housing, high crime or ill health. These PDF fact files are designed to help you understand and connect with socially excluded audiences in Scotland.


Scotland’s lead heritage body @HistEnvScot launches its first public consultation to shape its new strategy.


There are some great examples via @GdnCulturePros of how #digital can bridge the gap between #museums & #audiences


The recent Panic! arts survey highlights need to diversify as the sector is dominated by middle class #OneAudience


New online database reveals BAME actors are sidelined into supporting roles in Shakespeare plays #OneAudience

Access All Areas Videos


Video from the Access All Areas conference is now available for delegates to revisit and for those who weren’t able to attend to benefit from the archived content.


The director of @eiggbox explains how a tight-knit network of creative workers connects to the global marketplace

Transcript – Access All Areas

Access All Areas Transcript

Electronic notes taken at the Access All Areas conference 29 October 2015 – this transcript is an encapsulation of the day but not a verbatim transcript.

Accessing the Arts – October’s First Wednesday

Wheelchair access sign by WELS net (CC.20)

Disabled Access Day is all about highlighting the accessibility of your venue, encouraging more people to visit and learning what you could do better. Antonia Lee-Bapty of Euan’s Guide was at October’s First Wednesday to talk about how arts and cultural venues can get involved, and why they should!


Interesting read from @cooperhewittlab on how they’re using emojis to increase website accessibility #OneAudience


The @V_and_A share their experience of Pinterest & how investing some time in the platform boosted engagement