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29 OCT: The Access All Areas conference puts equalities, access and inclusion at its core and shows how creative inspiration and engagement grow in response. Go to conference

Introducing the Culture Republic Conference: ACCESS ALL AREAS


Access All Areas is a one-day conference from Culture Republic, bringing speakers from across the UK to show that when cultural leaders, artists and entrepreneurs act in the interests of everyone, creative inspiration and engagement grows.
Edinburgh | 29 October | #CRConf15 | #OneAudience

Making a Splash with online sales


Using targeted social media Pauline exceeded her sales targets and built a loyal social media fan base that has put her freelance artist’s enterprise on firm financial footing. Here’s how she did it.

CRM and the future of fundraising

Open Hardware Summit 2010, Hall of Science, Queens, NY, USA

Membership schemes can offer a sustainable funding stream, build a community of supporters and provide a source of regular repeat visitors for arts organisations. Successful membership schemes, however, need a strong CRM strategy behind them.

Data Protection – what you need to know

Computer security by ChrisAmelung

Data protection is an ongoing responsibility that arts and cultural organisations need to keep on top of. The Information Commissioner’s Office will be at our upcoming CRM event to discuss the the eight principles of the Data Protection Act 1998, and how to put them into practice to keep both the regulator and audiences happy.

Efficient target marketing

Image by Surendar Kumar B, via Wikimedia Commons

Asking the right questions and gathering useful information is key to creating efficient market segmentation. PatronBase will be at our Future of CRM & Ticketing event to share their knowledge and experiences of audience segmentation for target marketing and getting the best use out of CRM systems.

Implementing new data systems

Linked data_by Elco van Staveren_CC2.0

Introducing any new system of data capture and management can feel overwhelming. Circle Interactive will be at our upcoming CRM event to discuss how to avoid the common challenges of database implementation.


RT @jocowper: The Internet of Things: a terrifying insight into wearable modern day magic from @PatrickRiot #CRFuture15 #IOT



Euan’s Guide launched Accessible Fringe Awards today! What are you doing to include disabled audiences? #WTFringe


Handy for planning your #marketing! Check out @ExperianMkt_UK calendar for ideas.


@steveplummer8 @HeyFromAD explains importance of putting digital & audiences at the heart of everything #CRFuture15


Not just bums on seats – CRM & Ticketing masterclass

Everything you always wanted to know about the power and potential for customer relationship management tools from the experts at the Ticketing Institute.


Good morning and welcome to ‘The Future of CRM & Ticketing’ @GlasgowKings #CRFuture15


If data is currency, how much have you got in the bank?

coins stacked on a graph

Data is currency. Handled with purpose and a little creativity, it can help you tell stories, solve problems and make new connections.


Surgery number six at #CRFuture15 from @PatronBaseUK – on efficient target marketing


VIDEO Thinking Out of the Box Trailer (Thinking Out of the Box 1 of 5)

A three minute video that summarises the key issues and learnings from Culture Republic’s Thinking Out of the Box event. It includes perspectives from the participants and highlights from the day’s events.

Access advice for arts organisations from Euan’s Guide

Euan & Paul at the National Theatre

According to Euan’s Guide, many arts and cultural organisations are already doing a good job of making their spaces accessible to a range of audiences. Unfortunately, in many cases, arts organisations are doing a poor job of letting these audiences know about the resources that are in place to serve them.


We’ve run the numbers on Scotland’s population around #disability & arts #access @EuansGuide



Surgery number five at #CRFuture15 from @circle_int – talking about implementing new CRM systems



What a great afternoon networking session! Huge thanks to our #crfuture15 drinks sponsors @spektrix!



Recommended reading from @ArtsPro & @audienceagents – sharing insights into what audiences for arts & culture want.

Coming soon to a venue near you – four workshops from Culture Republic


We’re delighted to introduce our 2015 programme of practical touring workshops, bringing essential training and networking opportunities to a venue near you.


Surgery number two with @spektrix at #CRFuture15 – talking about fundraising & data



Surgery number three with @CCR_Data at #CRFuture15 – talking about keeping data up to date



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Disability in Scotland


Based on data from the last Scottish census, 20% of people living in Scotland have a long-term activity-limiting health issue or disability. This equals about 1.04 million people.


RT @ConnollyJena: Interesting forum at @StillsEdinburgh hosted by @culture_public on audience engagement, growth & research in the visual a…


Surgery number four at #CRFuture15 from @TessNetwork – getting to grips with dynamic pricing


Top three tips for data cleansing – June’s First Wednesday

June 1st wednesday

Data is one of your most precious resources and assets – but only if you look after it and make sure you keep it in good working order. June’s First Wednesday was all about cutting out the noise that surrounds data marketing, and making the right decisions to keep your database in order.