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Imperative of Innovation from Matt Lehrman


To celebrate the end of an insightful week of workshops, networks and rich discussions Matt Lehrman gave a rousing talk on The Imperative of Innovation to wrap up The Learning Week.

Podcast – Learning Week with Matt Lehrman

Matt Lehrman audience development expert

This episode is an exclusive live recording from our series of Learning Week events. Matt is a globally recognised audience development expert, motivator and strategist. You’ll hear Matt’s talk The Imperative of Innovation, which focused on what audiences want from arts organisations.


SIMD16 categories

What is the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD16)? And how can this tool can be used by arts and culture organisations to understand the communities they operate in, their current reach, and potential targets for programme planning and audience development?

Food for thought from Matt Lehrman

french fries or chips?

Matt Lehman’s visit left us with some serious food for thought. Get a taste for what was discussed and plan ahead together.

Racial and ethnic diversity in Scotland’s arts audiences


March’s Culture Republic podcast looks at how the arts are connecting with Scotland’s racially and ethnically diverse communities. In this episode we speak with Barrowland Ballet, Glasgow Women’s Library and Bemis.


Less than 100 days till #xmas2016! Clever marketers should start their offers for early shoppers


‘The top three inches of printed materials work the hardest for you’ -Is it really the best place for your logo? #1stWeds @printmediapower


Results from the Scottish Household Survey consultation were launched today by @ScotStat. Changes to come in 2018


Are links between social class & education success affecting your audience? Try our resources to help you reach out…

Population Profiles

0 overview

Culture Republic Population Profiles are a series of six practical fact files, designed for anyone involved in marketing, programming or producing work for Scottish audiences.


Terrific new post from @ICOtweets on making your venue more accessible for D/deaf people #oneaudience


New research from @regional_screen shows impact of local cinema to community & culture.



RT @A_SIMD: In deprived areas 64% ppl live near derelict sites
See @culture_public article for the basics of #SIMD and more


Exciting new developments w @1984_collective! Check out our profile of their audience changes in their new location

Deprivation Population Profile: The Essentials


Deprivation happens when people or places face a series of problems including unemployment, poor education, low income, poor housing, high crime or ill health. These PDF fact files are designed to help you understand and connect with socially excluded audiences in Scotland.

Impacts of non-traditional performance spaces at the Playhouse

Dancewear Central Edinburgh Playhouse

Last year Edinburgh Playhouse started using their The Boards restaurant area as a regular Fringe venue during the festival. We worked with them to identify what impact this had.The research showed that it is possible to attract an entirely new audience for events.


Participating in the #familyartsfest? We’ve got specialist resources to help you engage with family audiences

Mapping Scotland’s Audiences

We’ve combined data from the Scottish Household Survey, Scotland Census and TGI Surveys to create an interactive map that reveals at a glance the differences in demography and cultural engagement across Scotland’s 32 Local Authority areas.


Bet there are lots of great artsy opportunities to highlight between #Glasgow & #Edinburgh for the Great City Swap!


COOL! @NatMiningMuseum created a #Minecraft game & environment that teaches kids about the realities of mining


Comments and shares on #Facebook will boost EdgeRank (Facebook’s algorithm for news feeds) more than likes


Useful series today from @PhilipJEMiller about how we make and show creative work in the face of #brexit


📮 Cheers for the share @fiddleBrain!We love to hear how people are using our resources 📮

Families Population Profiles: The Essentials


There are over six hundred thousand families with children living in Scotland and many of them are looking for positive, enriching family experiences that they can share.


RT @clairg: Underbelly plans to launch 650-seat temporary theatre in West End via @TheStage


The next national #census could be the first to ask people about their sexuality & gender identity


Interesting look at how brands are starting to use #FacebookReactions to inform #marketing campaigns via @Digiday

Who lives in a house like this?

new housing development

Accessing really good quality, reliable information about the population around your organisation or venue is not as difficult as you might think.


“We have a lot of work to do on diversity in the arts. We know this.” @PeterBazalgette #thespaceday #oneaudience


People working in Scotland’s arts sector should fill in @CreativeScots survey on diversity in the arts #oneaudience

Exclusive interview with Matt Lehrman, the audience expert

Matt Lehrman, the audience expert

In the run-up to Matt’s trip across the pond next week, the audience expert shares his thoughts on his most challenging and inspirational projects and what he’s looking forward to about his visit to this side of the Atlantic. Are you looking forward to your visit to Scotland?  Do you plan to visit any galleries, […]


Some terrific advice from @TheStage about generating a warm welcome & community feeling in the front of house…


Handy all-in-one guides to make the most of your visual assets across social platforms via @socialmediaweek

Working with Glasgow Film Theatre

Is this seat taken? by Blondinrikard Fröberg (CC2.0)

Glasgow Film Theatre is doing a great job of making themselves more accessible to a wide range of audiences. We worked with them to evaluate the success and reach of their existing access and equalities measures and to scope further audience groups with potential for increased engagement.

Equality, Diversity and Access

Glasgow Film on Equality, Diversity and Access. at 1st Wednesday event

At September’s #1stWed, Jodie Wilkinson, drew from her experience as Glasgow Film’s Public Engagement Coordinator and shed some light on how to pro-actively overcome equality, diversity and access challenges in the arts and culture in Scotland. Here are some of the key points from her talk. What is equality? Equality is ensuring individuals or groups of individuals […]


#VR & #AR can be put to use in both storytelling and design. See how @NationalTheatre is experimenting

Learning Week – Grow Audience & Sustainability

The Learning Week with Matt Lehrman

The Learning Week series is an opportunity to open up to fresh ways of thinking from global audience development expert Matt Lehrman.

Social Media Engagement

The Learn from Us week Image. SEO Best Practice, content strategy, social media and Google Analytics.

Get some digital skills and drills that will hopefully send shock-waves through your social media channels and set up your organisation in flashing neon lights. Has your Facebook engagement dropped? Wondering how you can better engage with your fans? Look no further, help is at hand!

We’re on Facebook!

two speech bubbles

Here are some top tips that we’ve found useful on Facebook so far #sharingiscaring 😄

Research training videos for front of house museum and gallery staff


As part of the Visual Art Scotland Pilot Project, Culture Republic are piloting an audience survey. It will allow participating organisations to compare their audiences with peers in Scotland and across the UK at the touch of a button. Because surveys will be administered by each organisations’ own Front of House staff or volunteers Culture Republic have produced this series of training videos for all participants on collection methodology and sampling.


Check out the beautiful new film about @_NVA_’s @_hinterland_ & the Festival of Architecture #foa2016


New #Instagram business profiles to feature contact buttons & directions via @techcrunch

Podcast – increasing access for socially excluded audiences


The December Culture Republic podcast looks at audiences who are experiencing social exclusion in Scotland and the arts organisations that are working to serve them. This episode features interviews with Rob Gallagher of Impact Arts and Kate Wimpress of North Edinburgh Arts.

Getting more from Google Analytics

The Learn from Us week Image. SEO Best Practice, content strategy, social media and Google Analytics.

Day 1 of our Learn from Us Week series. Today the topic is getting better with Google Analytics. How can your business change and change again fast with these top tips.


RT @edinburghpaper: Licensing board votes to relax noise test for live music



There’s a really handy new guide for visitors to #edinburgh from @edfests! Check it out & share with your audiences!

Audience Engagement Trends video

Culture Republic was invited to head up a session at The Space Day on Understanding Audiences. Watch Board Member Colan Mehaffey’s talk in our video from the day.


Matt Lehrman speaking about audience engagement

A blog on organisational change by Matt Lehrman, reproduced by kind permission. Matt reflects on how an arts organisation resists the “more of the same” mentality.


We’re on #Facebook We’ve got top tips on Facebook #sharingiscaring. More to follow shortly… #socialmediatips


.@EuansGuide has a nice summary of learning for audiences & artists from the Unlimited Festival #oneaudience

Location, Location, Location

Calton Hill at sunset

The Collective Gallery’s move has transformed their audience profile, drawing in brand new audience segments and driving a vast increase in the overall visitor numbers.

Event Evaluation 360 for events & festivals

In response to increasing demand, we’ve created the Event Evaluation 360 package: an affordable four-part research solution developed with the specific needs of Scotland’s events and festival producers in mind.


Older people attend the arts less than any other age group. Learn how you can change that:



Our favourite stat so far from @scotgov‘s #SHHS: Level of cultural engagement has increased by about 5% since 2007…


Size DOES matter in printing. Will your design fit in the racks? Be wary of going off standard sizes. #1stWeds @printmediapower

SEO Best Practice

The Learn from Us week Image. SEO Best Practice, content strategy, social media and Google Analytics.

It’s day 4 of our Learn from Us Week series. Today the topic is SEO Best Practice. You may be surprised to learn that you are already well on your way. Let us help you to understand SEO and how to streamline your own approach with confidence. What is SEO Engine Optimisation? Is the implementation of strategy and […]

Content Hacks for the Win

The Learn from Us week Image. SEO Best Practice, content strategy, social media and Google Analytics.

When the imperative for innovation is constant, how can you keep things fresh and still deliver on your content strategy? We’ve got tips.


Why #marketers often fail to make the most of automated #email & how they can do more via @Econsultancy

How Relevant is My Arts Organisation? Take this self test!

Matt Lehrman speaking about audience engagement

The words vary, but the core of the question is: “Who cares about the kind of work we do?” Matt Lehrman’s self quiz will help arts organisations explore their own relevance.

Model of Audience Engagement

Matt Lehrman speaking about audience engagement

The biggest mistake you can make is to think of that audience as a single entity. They don’t share the same motivations, preferences or priorities.

Culture Republic Podcasts


The Culture Republic podcast brings you the voices of the learning and engagement professionals, marketers and artistic directors who are building meaningful connections with audiences across the country.


RT @HanJMWright: @culture_public @FloraidhCC no problem! Hope to attend another workshop soon – your email marketing 1st Wednesday has been SO helpful!


Insight into #deaf audiences in @TheStage “Access should be a central part of the artistic endeavour.” #oneaudience

Disability Population Profile: The Essentials

1 essentials

On average, 1 in 5 of the Scottish population has a long-term activity limiting health issue or disability. If they can’t be counted amongst YOUR audience, then you’re missing out – and so are they. Download our PDF fact files to make sure that you have the facts at your fingertips in your work with disabled audiences.


We love data & widening access! New tools and new ideas in this morning’s post #simd16