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Getting Smarter with Social Media


In this interactive session with expert trainer Tala Byrne, you’ll learn how to choose the right social media channels for your organisation, best practices and tricks of the trade for making sure your content has impact on your chosen channels, and how to juggle social media tasks in your workload.

    September 08 @ 12:15 - 17:00 CCA, Glasgow

Postcode Infographic

Postcodes are powerful tools. Learn how they work and why they matter to you in our new infographic. If you work in marketing, fundraising or learning there is a lot of insight you can get from a postcode!

September First Wednesday

First Wednesdays

Jodie Wilkinson, Public Engagement Coordinator at Glasgow Film, joins us for this First Wednesday session looking at how a clear focus on equality and diversity produces exciting and challenging results.

    September 07 @ 12:15 - 14:00 Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh

Families Population Profiles: The Essentials


There are over six hundred thousand families with children living in Scotland and many of them are looking for positive, enriching family experiences that they can share.

Research training videos for front of house museum and gallery staff


As part of the Visual Art Scotland Pilot Project, Culture Republic are piloting an audience survey. It will allow participating organisations to compare their audiences with peers in Scotland and across the UK at the touch of a button. Because surveys will be administered by each organisations’ own Front of House staff or volunteers Culture Republic have produced this series of training videos for all participants on collection methodology and sampling.

Impacts of non-traditional performance spaces at the Playhouse

Dancewear Central Edinburgh Playhouse

Last year Edinburgh Playhouse started using their The Boards restaurant area as a regular Fringe venue during the festival. We worked with them to identify what impact this had.The research showed that it is possible to attract an entirely new audience for events.

Live from your mobile!


Streaming video has gone mobile, just like everything else in the digital world. Now it is a viable marketing option for businesses of all sizes. Learn how and why you might want to use live streaming for audience engagement.


Hugely relevant #tech news for #music & #cinema that might stop #audiences being able to film at events

A Masterclass in Digital Engagement


At our Marketers’ Masterclass we were joined by Jasper Visser, who shared how arts organisations can refine their approach to digital engagement and make their online efforts work better.


Older people attend the arts less than any other age group. Learn how you can change that:



Need to measure the reach & impact of your tweets? #Twitter have introduced some new #analytics features


Pleased we’ll be on the connecting w audiences panel at @BBCAcademy & @thespacearts training! Who else is coming?


Practising lighting & interview techniques with @beyongolia at the #CRknowhow video workshop



Dyslexia exhibition to showcase work by designers who see their dyslexia as benefit to their work #oneaudience

Are you a safe harbor on these data shores?

Hitchhikers Guide Brick Edition

The Safe Harbor agreement has been over turned. What should you do? Don’t panic, says the ICO.


Nice account of practical running and impact of a successful members scheme @gwlkettle


On not compromising on access when bringing a show to @edfringe. Terrific case study fr @RubyGlaskin #oneaudience

Deprivation Population Profile: The Essentials


Deprivation happens when people or places face a series of problems including unemployment, poor education, low income, poor housing, high crime or ill health. These PDF fact files are designed to help you understand and connect with socially excluded audiences in Scotland.

Embedding equalities in the arts: Signdance Collective

_DSC8550 (2)

Signdance Collective (SDC) have an impressive track record when it comes to access, inclusion and cultural diversity. We spoke to Isolte Avila, Dance Director at SDC, to find out more about how the organisation has managed to embed these principles in their work.


Time to toot your own horn in the 2016 @aandbscotland #awards! Nominations now open

Population Profiles

0 overview

Culture Republic Population Profiles are a series of six practical fact files, designed for anyone involved in marketing, programming or producing work for Scottish audiences.


New research from @regional_screen shows impact of local cinema to community & culture.


Culture Republic Podcasts


The Culture Republic podcast brings you the voices of the learning and engagement professionals, marketers and artistic directors who are building meaningful connections with audiences across the country.


RT @JLTScot: Steady as you are… update on Creative Europe and the outcome of the EU referendum | Creative Europe Desk UK


.@yellowearthuk are investigating stories of what it means to be of East Asian descent in the UK today #oneaudience

Embedding equalities in the arts: The Fruitmarket Gallery


Creative Scotland has asked that all Regularly Funded Organisations should have an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plan in place for April 2016. The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh set up their action plan in February 2014, and so we spoke to the Gallery’s Equality Officer Caitlin Page, to find out what we could learn from their approach.

Crossing Borders


Culture Republic is delighted to host a networking and drinks reception in partnership with our sister agencies The Audience Agency and Audience Northern Ireland at this year’s AMA Conference On a Mission to Matter. We’ll have delicious mojitos and cool jazz from the acclaimed Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.


New article from @ChrisUnitt makes a strong case to take better care of our online visitors


Insight into #deaf audiences in @TheStage “Access should be a central part of the artistic endeavour.” #oneaudience


The next national #census could be the first to ask people about their sexuality & gender identity


RT @A_SIMD: In deprived areas 64% ppl live near derelict sites
See @culture_public article for the basics of #SIMD and more


New study stresses value of analytics for #marketers. See our blog for #googleanalytics tips


Interesting look at how brands are starting to use #FacebookReactions to inform #marketing campaigns via @Digiday


New #Instagram business profiles to feature contact buttons & directions via @techcrunch

Racial and ethnic diversity in Scotland’s arts audiences


March’s Culture Republic podcast looks at how the arts are connecting with Scotland’s racially and ethnically diverse communities. In this episode we speak with Barrowland Ballet, Glasgow Women’s Library and Bemis.

Mapping Scotland’s Audiences

We’ve combined data from the Scottish Household Survey, Scotland Census and TGI Surveys to create an interactive map that reveals at a glance the differences in demography and cultural engagement across Scotland’s 32 Local Authority areas.


Results from the Scottish Household Survey consultation were launched today by @ScotStat. Changes to come in 2018


Are you worried that #Brexit might impact your work? @CreativeScots have a survey to capture issues & concerns!


2015, together Edinburgh’s fests had audiences of over 4.5 million – on par w #WorldCup & 2nd only to #Olympics

Postcode Infographic – printable resource

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.31.39

Want a copy of our postcode infographic that you that can print and post next to your desk as a reminder? Here you go!

Podcast – increasing access for socially excluded audiences


The December Culture Republic podcast looks at audiences who are experiencing social exclusion in Scotland and the arts organisations that are working to serve them. This episode features interviews with Rob Gallagher of Impact Arts and Kate Wimpress of North Edinburgh Arts.


Our excellent @KathrynEllaway delivering #research training for our visual arts Scotland project @DovecotStudios


‘Take everyone with you’: Dundee Rep on embedding equalities in the arts

Blood Wedding cast members in rehearsals (3)

Dundee Rep Theatre’s inclusive production of Blood Wedding was an example of best practice in Creative Scotland’s EDI report. We sat down with Jemima Levick, Artistic Director at Dundee Rep, to learn more about their efforts to improve access.

Disability Population Profile: The Essentials

1 essentials

On average, 1 in 5 of the Scottish population has a long-term activity limiting health issue or disability. If they can’t be counted amongst YOUR audience, then you’re missing out – and so are they. Download our PDF fact files to make sure that you have the facts at your fingertips in your work with disabled audiences.

How digitally capable are Scotland’s arts?


Culture Republic is undertaking an ambitious piece of research looking at public facing operational functions carried out by arts organisations – things like whether or not an arts organisations’ website is optimised for mobile browsing, if they offer online ticket sales or if they are doing online fundraising.


#VR & #AR can be put to use in both storytelling and design. See how @NationalTheatre is experimenting


Our pal @hannahrudman has a new piece on @getambITion about #AR for arts businesses w requisite nod to #PokemonGO


Estimated £7.5m added to the economy by disabled music fans attending music festivals in 2015 #oneaudience


Why #marketers often fail to make the most of automated #email & how they can do more via @Econsultancy


Arts cos are often charities. Have you considered contactless donation? Check out the @BarbicanCentre example here:


Handy all-in-one guides to make the most of your visual assets across social platforms via @socialmediaweek

Working with Glasgow Film Theatre

Is this seat taken? by Blondinrikard Fröberg (CC2.0)

Glasgow Film Theatre is doing a great job of making themselves more accessible to a wide range of audiences. We worked with them to evaluate the success and reach of their existing access and equalities measures and to scope further audience groups with potential for increased engagement.


New strategy to support arts & artists published today by @CreativeScots


Culture Secretary @FionaHyslop says next year’s #EdinburghFestival will honour ‘culture without borders’


There’s loads you can learn from a postcode! Check out our new #infographic